Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hip hip hurrah for Auntie Alison!

Auntie Alison is AWESOME! She teaches the kids piano. And not just any piano. She is the funnest piano teacher ever. She is certified in Suzuki and the kids are loving it. McKay and Hannah have been taking lessons since about September. Michael started last week. ALL the kids are excited to learn and even practice. It is pretty neat watching the kids learn so much. They are becoming wonderful listeners. Hannah is learning a song called I'm a Little Monkey. She is doing quite well. I feel like such a proud mom. We are so lucky to have such a great teacher who is introducing music to our kids and bringing them a lifetime of musical joy. Three cheers for Auntie Alison!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost a year

That is how long it took Michael to complete the requirements for his Wolf Scout award. Michael was thrilled to get an award at pack meeting. He got his Bobcat award back in August and then started working on the Wolf. But once he got the Wolf, that also opened up his ability to get arrow points. So in addition to the Wolf, he got his gold and 3 silver arrow points. He was thrilled! This was the best shot I could get. Michael was so excited he was bobbing all around. So, we'll call the cut off top of his head artistic.

Scouts has been a very positive experience for Michael. He has gotten to interact with the neighborhood boys on a weekly basis. He has a reputation for being a cracker-jack Pinewood Derby builder (he really does a lot of the work on his car...sawing, sanding, painting...) and he has worked very hard on getting his rank advancements. We are very proud of him. He is telling everyone he is going to get his Weebelo now. Well...first he'll do his Bear, but it is good to have goals!

Uh oh...

So this week, Hannah and Garrett have been a little sick. The weather has been vacillating between snowing and 80 degrees, so I think that might have a little to do with it. Garrett especially. He's been dealing with croup, which makes nights tough on him. Hannah has missed 2 days of school too. So, we've been staying home.

Add to that the fact our van needs new brakes and we can't get in to do it until Saturday, and I am effectively stuck. I think by Saturday the van ought to be fixed and the kids should be better (knock on wood) and I will be ready to escape.

Of course, look at how cute Ella is! How could I complain about getting to stay home and play with her all day?

Monday, April 21, 2008

We survived!

So, spring break is over. It was nice to be able to sleep in and not have to rush everywhere. It was nice to have a break. But it was exhausting too. So many friends over each day. Kids home playing all day. Lots to clean up. Lots of little skirmishes to defuse.

All in all, being back to routine feels nice. Still, it is the prelude to summer.

If this summer is anything like this spring break, it will be a change from summers past. In the past, we have not had many little kids over very often to play. This year, Hannah is old enough to have cultivated quite the group of friends and they are all very excited about playing at each others' homes. Suddenly, we have a lot of friend traffic. This is a new development for us. I think, overall, it is a good one. But it will take some getting used to.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ella and Garrett


Meet the Cheerios

I assume everyone knows us that is reading this blog. But just to refresh everyone on names, dates, pictures and interests, here ya go.

This is Ella Claire. She was born on March 5th, 2008. Her interests are eating, sleeping, and more sleeping, and a little more eating.

This is Garrett Andrew. He turned 2 on Feb. 27th. He likes running around (especially with Hannah), playing ball, watching Blue's Clues and Dora, and helping mom. Everyone needs a helper like him.

This is Hannah Elizabeth. She's 4.5. She'll be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and loves to play with her entourage of friends. We expect she'll be Student Body President someday.
This is McKay Chase. He'll be 7 in May. He loves the Veggie Tales, Pixar films, and running. If you know McKay, you know the love of running is a double edged sword.

This is Michael Adam. He loves the Power Rangers and he loves being a good, helpful big brother. He likes taking pictures and reading too.

This is Mom. She needs a new picture. ;) She enjoys staying home with the kids. She also likes taking pictues hence the need for the blog.

This is Dad. He is a chemical engineer. When he is not working he is doing home repairs and improvements, playing with the kids, keeping up with politics and doing church work.

What? You don't have a family blog?

Uh, nope! But I have come around to the idea it is easier to share pictures and stories this way. So we're coming into the 21st century!