Thursday, January 28, 2010

Overheard a la Ella

Every morning Ella wakes up just before Michael, McKay and Hannah go off to school. Today, Ella was seeing them off with, "!", "!", "!"

Then Darwin was leaving and she said, "Daddy....hide!"

Uh oh...what does she think he's hiding from??

The Science Fair

D'oh, again with the backwards pictures. I always forget how Blogger uploads. Oh well.

Michael did the Science Fair last week. I was so proud, because he REALLY wanted to do it, even though he got the information really late. He only had a week and a couple days to do his stuff, but he worked so hard every night.

Michael and Darwin did an experiement on energy efficency and asked the question, "Does it hotter water cool faster than warm water?"

They designed an experiement to test their hypothesis and ran it 6 times. They recorded the data and put it into Excel and made some graphs and they proved that yes, hotter water cools faster, so it takes more energy to keep hot water hot than to keep warm water warm.

I was really proud of how scientific Michael was about the whole thing. And with Darwin on the case, you can bet they followed the scientific method to a T.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next year! Give the boy three weeks and he'll blow them all away!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Overheard and other awesomeness

Yesterday was "Dads and Donuts" at the school, where the dads come and read a story with the kids and have a donut and just spend about a half an hour having some quality time together. In the morning, as we were getting ready for school, we told McKay that was what was going on today. McKay was so happy he did the "Dads and Donuts" dance. Once he finished performing his masterpiece, he asked if dancers ate donuts. I said I wasn't sure if they did. He said, "Well, they do now!"

Also, I am excited because I got to get another lens from my "reaaaaaallllllly want" list. A super cool macro lens. (Mmmm, for those photographers who read the blog, it is the Canon 100mm 2.8 L IS. Nice.) I am super excited.

Another bit of random awesomeness (as that is the theme of this post), Hannah and Darwin had a daddy-daughter date a couple of days ago and McKay and I did last night. (Well, not daddy-daughter, with McKay...substitute the appropriate nouns, if you will.) We'll rotate through all of the kids shortly. It is always easier to do these little evenings with the kids in the winter, because in the summer they seem much busier, much later in the evening.

Michael and McKay also started their third session of rock climbing with 'Splore this month too. They love it and it is a great sport for them. We shall see if I love McKay's newfound mad rock climbing skillz in the spring though. Hopefully he won't try to use them illicitly on the back fence. ;)

In some non-awesome news, poor Michael is so sick. He might be a super picky eater and I might worry about his nutrition, but he is one of my kids who is least likely to get ill, so when he does, it is always a bit of a shock to him. So, he was quite unamused this morning when he woke up, feeling violently ill. (Which is why I am posting this at 5:30 am. He is finally resting comfortably in a warm bath, and I am sitting here on the side, watching him--so he doesn't fall asleep in the water. Poor guy has been up since about 2:30.) So, a little prayer for Michael would be great. I think he'll be good to go in a few hours, but these first hours are always so uncomfortable and unfun.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ok, I am gonna toot my own horn for a second

So, I revamped my Rachel Rehart Photography blog, because, honestly, it was getting TONS of Google hits and was leading people to the R+C Photography blog, so we figured we'd make it more accessible and easier to navigate and book from there, if people were interested.

So, I fancied it up with a new template and I designed my own logo! By MYSELF! (Well, I have to be honest, Melissa totally did help me figure out where the line tool was...because uh...yeah, I admit, I didn't know where it was. *blushing* I don't design much.) It is fun though, because it has galleries and all sorts of cool stuff.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

Rachel Rehart Photography

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diary of a Worm

Have you read this book? Hee, it is so funny. The pictures are hilarious and the wry comments are sidesplittingly awesome. But the best part?? McKay quoting it at random times.

Imagine if you will, McKay saying (in a fairly serious tone), "April 15th: I snuck up on some kids in the park today. They didn't hear me coming. I wriggled right up between them. They screamed when they saw me. I love it when they do that."

Oh the hilarity.

Or, as McKay informed me last night, "I am such a joker." Truer words were never spoken.