Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random, random, random

Gosh, I've been bad about blogging. Probably because I've just been so busy doing stuff. Which seems kind of ironic. I mean, now I have stuff to blog, but not the time, and before I had the time, but not as much to blog.

But here is a vain attempt to catch up on everything.

1) The kids are back in school! Yay! *sniffle*

I love having them home...until they fight and make messes. Then I MOSTLY love them home. By the end of the summer, it was a lot of fighting and messes, so school seems like a good option. They are all excited to go back.

Michael and McKay have the same teacher this year. Mrs. Chirrick. She is truly a rockstar. I just love her. I foresee a great year this year. Yeah, we still miss Harris, but the boys are in awesome hands.

Hannah started first grade with Mrs. Templeton. I really am impressed with what I see. I think she will be super for Hannah. I just can't believe Hannah is old enough to be in school all day. I spent most of Thursday as a nervous wreck. I worried she would not figure out the cafeteria. I worried she would not find her class. I worried she would not get back on the bus for home. She proved me wrong in all of these areas and came home cool as a cucumber. Silly mommy.

Garrett is going to start preschool on Tuesday. He is beyond thrilled. He's actually just miffed he had to wait until next week. He's such a good boy, he'll do great. He wakes me up each morning with, "Wake up mom! You can't sleep! It's a wonder day!" Awwww.

Ella is going to be kind of bored on the days Garrett is gone especially. Just me and her. But I think it will be good for her. I think the hospital was one of the few times it was JUST her. She is usually part of the crowd.

2) Business is good. Busy, but winding down from the breakneck speed of the summer. We have jobs a few times a week, but it is just not the impossible schedule we were keeping before. Still, we're getting a really full website. So that's good.

3) Ella is doing a lot better. She's gaining back some of the weight she lost and is full of energy again. I am so glad. She was just not herself. She's back to smiles and giggles and happiness. Thank heavens.

I have a couple pictures, but I need to resize them. I'll make a post specifically for pictures in a bit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Pink, frills, dolls, accessories, hair ribbons, and dresses. Six years ago, I got to indulge in these for the first time.

Hannah was our first girl after two sweet boys and we were SO excited. I put bows in her hair, dresses on her everyday, painted her toenails and made bracelets for her. She was certainly a good sport about this.

She's always been such a fun girl. On one hand, she loves to brush hair and play dolls, on the other hand she can tell you all about Power Rangers and fight with a lightsaber with amazing grace.

She is an interesting combination of sensitivity but strength. She knows what she wants and knows what she should do and doesn't back down, but on the other hand, she is careful and gentle and kind. She is wonderful friends with her siblings and we love her so much.

Today is six years since she joined our family and we have been very blessed to have her. Happy birthday baby girl!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Awww, poor Ella

Poor Ella got sick.

She was throwing up and throwing up all night Sunday, into Monday. When it was light enough to tell what was going on, we saw that there was blood in her vomit. That was fairly alarming, so Darwin took her to the pediatrician. He was concerned she might have an ulcer and that it was bleeding. So, he sent us off to Primary Children's.

But he also warned us if she started vomiting bright red, we needed to get to ANY hospital along the way. So, I left with Ella, feeling a little scared after all of that.

She turned out to actually have rotavirus and probably a small tear in her esophogeus due to all of the violent vomiting. She was quite a trooper about it all. The first few days she was completely lethargic and slept most of the time, but by the time she got feeling a little better, she wanted to go home.

She put on her little dress, my shoes, packed her diapers in a bag, wiped down the hospital room with a wipe, and threw out all the papers she could find on the floor and started knocking on the door.

She's still not 100% yet. Still a little vomiting, but at least she's able to be home and is not completely listless.

Poor little monkey.