Monday, October 19, 2009


First off, I don't have pictures of this. But let me explain.

McKay often loves to go down into the unfinished basement and lie on a spare mattress we have down there and read or play with his puppets and just enjoy some alone time. I am ok with this habit, as I prefer it to him running.

Last night there was a lot of commotion as all the kids were coloring and generally being noisy in the family room, so I saw McKay slip downstairs.

I thought nothing of it until I heard McKay calling at the basement door, saying he could not open it. Odd, I thought, since there is no lock and it is not a sticky door.

Well, he could not open it because he had found a gallon can of white latex paint and a brush on a top shelf and had gotten it down and removed his clothing, and painted himself white from head to toe. A nice thick two or three coat job too. His hands were far too slick with wet paint to effectively turn the doorknob. ;)

Luckily the basement is unfinished and most of the paint was on the cement floor and a little on a Rubbermaid tote. Nothing of much importance was ruined, luckily and we were able to scrub most of the paint off of even the tote and the floor, but scrubbing McKay was a lengthy process. He is quite a thorough painter. I am still wondering how he covered his back so completely.