Saturday, May 30, 2009

As promised...

Dance Festival pictures!

It was so cute. They did a sort of Around the World theme. Michael's grade did the dance where they jump in the pipes (it seemed tropical in theme), Hannah did the Huki Lau and McKay did a penguin dance.

McKay also graduated from Harris' class. Sniff.

I plan to post more in the next few days. My computer is still having issues (they sent back a faulty charger for my laptop) and I have been insanely busy, not like summer will cure that, but I think things ought to calm down a little soon.

I've also been doing lots of photography lately. If you want to see my non-family pics, you can check them out at ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of an era

I am still on the rather slow desktop (I am pondering getting more memory for it, since aparantly I will be on it another week), so I am a bit behind in converting the pictures from the dance festival. Those will be uploaded shortly.

But gosh, it's hitting me so hard today that McKay is almost graduated from Mr. Harris' class. Which means, for the first time in 4 years, we won't have a kid in his class. I knew this day was coming. In fact, I was aware of it throughout the year that this was our last year. But today as we went to the last Singing Time for Parents and they did a little graduation ceremony...I just couldn't block it from my mind anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited about Mrs. Chirrick. She is a fabulous teacher and a rockstar as well. She is a quiet powerhouse. I've seen great strides in Michael this year and I am excited for McKay and what the future hold.

But gosh, it's hard to say goodbye (not forever, for sure) to someone who has been such a powerful advocate for my kids. His aides have won my hearts and hold a very special place. McKay sees Mrs. Jones as a second mom and a great friend. They all have felt like family. I always knew I could turn to this second family for advice, support, and if nothing else, a shoulder to cry on. One who would understand exactly what I was going though and feeling.

So, while it is joyous that we have had such a wonderful, positive year of learning and growing, the growing pains are hitting me this afternoon and I feel a little teary. But we certainly are richer for having had such a wonderful advocate for our sons.

Thank you Harris and gang! We certainly are blessed to have had our sons in your class.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


McKay's Birthday! (And a bit of business)

Yay! McKay is eight today! He woke up early this morning and said promptly, "It is my birthday today!" How fun that he is so excited.

My laptop has been being repaired for a week and I am on a deadly slow computer, otherwise there would be a slideshow. But I do plan to do one once I get my fast computer back. ;)

I cannot believe McKay is eight. He's grown such a lot this year. He's been such a good minder and really likes to help. Ella and he are little buddies, and that growing friendship has been so fun to see. He's such a good boy and he really wants to be with his family and he loves to make us happy. It is so sweet to see how hard he has been trying. I have high hopes that this summer will be easier than the last.

He's also so smart. He loves to read and write and he does most of his homework on his own. It's great.

We're so lucky to have McKay. He just makes me smile everyday.


His baptism will now be at ELEVEN O'CLOCK on Saturday the 6th. So, if you're planning to attend, please note that change. :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

McKay's Baptism

Please come, if you can.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ear Tubes: A picture essay ;)

Ella got her tubes on Thursday and she did really well. She already seems more responsive to sounds and is more eagerly mimicking more words. She also has MUCH better balance and has started to walk! Just in the last day. So I think ear tubes were a good way to go for her.

But I was so nervous on the actual day. I knew it was a simple thing, but it still seemed a little scary. So I brought my camera along and we documented the whole day. Getting ready to go. Ella had an ear infection, so you can see her pulling her ear as we put her in the carseat to go. Yes, she is still rear-facing.

Ella waits patiently in the waiting room, after we got signed in.

And then she, enough sitting.

We're called back and she changes into a little t-shirt they gave her for the surgery.

She's starting to get a little sleepy and she plays with her hair. She is also hungry, since she has not eaten since 5 am.
Darwin walks her around as we wait.

All the stuff we brought (minus the camera...which I was using...)

More waiting. More walking.

And the anesthesiologist comes in and talks with us for a bit and then takes Ella. She snuggled right up to him. He was quite taken with her sweetness.

And there they go...
And we wait.
But within 15 minutes, they come and tell us to come wait in the recovery room. She's not awake yet, but she should be soon and they will bring her right to us.

She wakes up and immediately tries to remove the cotton.

Darwin holds her right after she's eaten a little and we wait for the nurse to come clean out her ears and give us instructions so that we can start home.

She puts saline in Ella's ears.

And then wicks them out. Ella is not pleased.

But we got to leave and pick up her prescriptions and get some lunch and then drive to the doctor's office to have her ears checked. On the way...Ella fell asleep.

So the final check was very peaceful and she slept through it.

It was a very easy day and everyone was wonderful. Mostly a lot of waiting. Ella is doing super already. I'm glad we went with this route. My only regret is that I didn't get more vocal earlier and have this done months ago.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh my gosh....

So, it has been SUCH a winter.

We are almost never sick usually! I swear.

But we went to the doctor and Hannah and Ella have pink eye and Ella has ear infection #9. Thursday and those tubes cannot come soon enough.


But hey, it could be worse. Pink eye is easily cured and the tubes are coming! Yay! If I had any second thoughts about the tubes, they were totally eliminated today.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun afternoon

After church, we went out to the park and the kids wandered around (of course I had the camera) and we just played around.

Suddenly, it was POURING rain. We ran under a tree for a moment (no lightning) and then dashed for the car. It all felt so fun and silly and memorable.

A fun, lazy way to spend a Sunday afternoon.